Seminars in 2019

What When Who
Hypermonogenic Plane Wave Solutions of Dirac equation in Clifford algebra and Superspace Day 14 Heikki Orelma, Civil Engineering,Tampere University, Finland
A new result on the inverse conductivity problem with discontinuous conductivities Day 19 Ivan Pombo, PICS, UA
Finding generating sets of finite groups using their Cayley graphs Day 02 Tanakorn Udomworarat, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai university, Thailand
The algebra of gyrogroups: From groups to gyrogroups Day 02 Teerapong Suksumran, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai university, Thailand
An existence theory for nonlinear equations on metric graphs Day 07 Matthias Hofmann, Universidade de Lisboa
Curvature Day 28 Brigitte Forster-Heinlein, Universität Passau, Passau, Alemanha
Generalized convolutions and Laplacian eigenfunctions Day 09 Rúben Sousa, CMUP, Departamento de Matemática, Universidade do Porto
What When Who

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